Jan. 12th, 2017

sandt250: (Default)
I keep hanging onto the little things to cheer me up & keep me from thinking about this fiasco of an election.

Like the Chicago Cubs winning MLB World Series & getting a twitter invitation from President Obama, to come see him at the White House before he leaves office.

Tradition dictates that the winner of baseball's World Series in the fall, visits the White House the following spring in April, the entire team & owners, just before the start of the new baseball season (that pertains to all championship winners - both professional & college).

Well, lo & behold, in a break with tradition, the Chicago Cubs are not waiting until April 2017, they will be at the White House on Monday, January 16, 2017. I'm sure the fact that President Obama lives in Chicago may have something to do with it & the fact that he is a very popular President.

Whatever, this bit of news makes me so happy (does not take much, these days!).

I can only hope for a miracle within the next 7 days. Told you I was still in denial!
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