Feb. 10th, 2017


Feb. 10th, 2017 02:27 pm
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 Finally, my tax returns for 2016 are done.  

I normally file my Federal return using TurboTax; I file my state return using the State of De e-file  website.  Since my desktop  computer is out of commission,  had to use my iPhone6. Worked out better than I thought.  Although I got stuck after completing my Federal return. &. could not find the  the function to check "no" to filing my State return.

You may ask what 's the big deal - why not file both returns via TurboTax?  The big deal is that it only takes three (3) business days for my tax refund to be processed & deposited in my checking account by the State of Delaware.  And, my larger refund amount comes from my state taxes. That's why!   Filing both tax returns through TurboTax means I have a wait of 12 - 14 days, before receiving my refunds.

I guess I really should not complain.  Even waiting just 12 - 14 days is still fairly quick for a tax refund. Plus, I do not itemize (not even charitable giving). So,  I'll just shut up & wait.

Now off to make dinner - spaghetti w/ tomato sauce  w/ Italian sausage, hot buttered rolls & yellow cake  w/ milk chocolate frosting for dessert.  Really should not be eating any of this - I have 9 lbs. to lose by the end of this month, just to get back on track!

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