Mar. 6th, 2017

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John Barrowman's naturally white hair - see photo below - made me think of how I finally came to terms with my gray hair.

Although, I still contend John's hair is too, too short. I think I will be O K with his natural color, as long as he grows it out to a longer length. Oh, what the heck, it's his hair - do what makes you happy. I must say though, that white hair brings out the gorgeous blue of his eyes. And, how the heck does he keep looking younger? He will be 50 & Scott is going to be 54 - it is just not fair to the rest of us mere mortals!

BTW: I now have this photo as my iPhone home screen wallpaper. It is growing on
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I started dying my hair a dark auburn, long before I got my first gray hair at age 29. I stopped dying it at age 62.

I would like to say that was due to the fact I finally saw the light & acquired common sense. At las, not so.

Hair actually started to fall out due to a new prescription for my high cholesterol. Was warned by my doctor that I should stop dying my hair. Then I developed Allergic Atopic Dermatitis - Eczema, to be exact. So, I stopped all hair dying in July 2007. Wore it in its natural kinky state, pulled back in a short ponytail. I was always amazed at the number of young people stopping me on the street to say how much they loved my almost completely gray hair, men & women. One young women even stopped me in the middle of an intersection, telling me " don't you dare dye your hair!"

Well, to make a long story short, due to my ongoing Eczema, all my hair fell out between January 6 & May 7, 2016. My Dermatologist could not guarantee it would ever grow back. To say I was depressed, is putting it mildly. But, I got over it & started wearing decorative scarves.

Well, my hair has started to grow back although, on some areas of my scalp, appears hair definitely will not grow. And, I'm ok with that, so far. Plus, I really love my gray hair - it suits me.
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