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I hate my Computer & McAfee as a Security Suite is totally worthless! My Hp-All-In-One P C came with free McAfee for four (4) years. Everything free is NOT good. I have been threatening to uninstall it & replace with Norton 360, for the last 18 months.

I'm about to " Refresh " my computer, following the instructions Microsoft has. But, although, it will maintain your files - music, video & photos, it will be taken back to it's factory setting & I will have to re-install Windows 8.1. And, I'm sure, a lot of other programs ( maybe having to re-install iTunes will finally bring back my complete library ). That would be O K, as long everything else is ok & these annoying Pop-up and Ads are gone. In addition to the pop-ups & ads, programs are automatically starting to download & install, even when I have clicked No or even when I have not clicked anything!

Last year, through QVC, I purchased a " Trend Micro Titaniun " Internet Security Suite - it's for the lifetime of your computer, so it states (there I go again, with this free stuff). I never installed it - this may be the time to do so.

If this does not work, I definitely will have to call the Geeks On Site people; they are very good, but, oh so expensive.

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I take my hat off to you, because I am completely unable to do half of what you do with your computer. All I can do is to turn it on, then use the applications. I'm good at bureautics, but everything about softwares or hard disk sounds like Sanskrit to me. Fortunately, my husband is better than me in that area. :D
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