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Early this morning, 2:50 am, caught John Barrowman on CNN Newsroom, with Rosemary Church (CNN International host); just a brief interview, only about 7 minutes. Apparently it was a longer interview on CNN Int'l, which is not available here in the US. Except, just found out I can get CNN International online, through my cable company, XFINITY (Comcast). Now, trying to find a tape of it on the site.

John seems like such a delightful person - a person I would like to know. And, I can't say that about most people. But, he seems like he would be a lot of fun. I'm aware that the persona he shows in public is not necessarily how he is always in private (loud & boisterous, always pleasant, to a fault ). But, I would take him, a complete stranger, over quite a number of my family members, in a heartbeat. I know, I'm a horrible person. LOL.

At a very young age, I became aware that I did not like lots of people around me. I am child number 5, of 15 (yes, 15) siblings, so, you can imagine how that worked out! When we lived on a large farm in a big farmhouse (the 2nd to last house we occupied), it was quite easy to go off wandering by myself, outdoors or even within the house. Not so much once we moved to the city.

For me, getting to know lots of people means inviting them into my home, my space. And, I cannot tolerate people in my space for long periods of time. Well, to be truthful, even short periods of time. They are occupying my space. I've set up walls around me to keep people out & I don't like people invading it. My former Primary Care Physician used to tell me I was OCD. Which I disputed. But, I do own up to a "mild" form of OCD. I'm also claustrophobic, which may contribute to the fact I don't want people in my space. I need to breath!

This started out with John Barrowman, so, I'll end with him. I understand he showed up for his Dragon Con Panel in Atlanta, GA, in a Tardis dress & red high heels. He apparently did the entire panel in drag. Now that I would love to see. Don't know if he was making a statement or just thought it would be a hoot. I hope someone has a video of it up on YouTube. I'm going to go search for it later. Makes we wonder what else John & Scott get up to in the privacy of their home. Umm? I personally don't care to see men in female clothing. I've seen pictures of John when he did the play La Cage Aux Folles; how in the world did they turn such a gorgeous man like John, into such an ugly women?

Regarding men in female clothing; watched The X Factor UK last week - one of the 3 best contestants so far for this 12th season, came out in a black sheer long sleeve top, long black leather pencil skirt, mid-calf black boots with clunky heels, a short furry shoulder wrap, backward baseball cap, large hoop earrings, bright red lips & a cute little round black bag. Oh, and very ripped pecs under that blouse. He was a man & he was beatiful - right then & there, I could not imagine him dressed any other way. He sang Queen's "The Show Must Go On" & he was wonderful. Standing ovation from all 4 judges. So, maybe I'm not as firmly set in my opinion regarding men in dresses, as I think I am. Have to ponder on that one.

Meanwhile, off to attempt an Irish Tea Cake. Chaos & disaster will ensue, I'm sure.

Date: 2015-09-11 02:52 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Это утро – самое хорошее на свете! И оно будет еще лучше, если Ваш журнал будет у меня во взаимных друзьях. Как тебе идея?

Date: 2015-09-11 06:36 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Thanks for commenting, I think? If I'm not mistaken, this looks like one of the Slavic Languages. I think I recognize some Cyrillic alphabet letters. Is this Russia?? Then again, I may be wrong. Sorry, but, I don't speak, write or read Russian.

In my twenties, I bought a Russian Language Course - was going to teach myself the language. You can guess how well that turned out. So, really don't know if your comment is critical, questioning, or just a general comment or Hi!

However, this has re-awakened my interest & curiosity about the Slavic Languages, especially Russian. Just may look on line to see what is offered in the way of studies, for free, of course. Probably should be able to find something on the site (something else I signed up for, but, neglected to follow up ).

I'm always surprised that someone finds this journal & takes the time to send a comment. Thank You.

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o, no problem, i speak English too.
Did u see TV series "Torchwood" with John Barrowman?)

Date: 2015-09-14 07:12 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Thank you for your kindness for responding in English.

I did see the Torchwood series, on BBCA. I loved John Barrowman's character, Captain Jack Harkness, the second I saw him in Doctor Who. Watched every episode he was in. Of course, I had already fallen in love with John! When I heard there was going to be a spin-off series called Torchwood, with John continuing as Captain Jack Harkness, I was happy and thrilled beyond belief. If you have not seen the entire series yet, you may want to stop reading. Some spoilers.

Didn't take long for my happiness to disappear; after being told that this was to be a series starring John Barrowman & was all about the exploits of the immortal Captain Jack Harkness as the leader of Torchwood, we got something else entirely - in my opinion. I did not tune in to watch the boring & totally uninteresting character, Gwen Cooper, being foisted on an unsuspecting viewing public. But, I stayed to watch John; Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones was a beautiful bonus. Jack & Ianto were the main characters for me; with Tosh & Owen along for the ride.

Things just kept getting more ridiculous as the series went on; Gwen Cooper as Second in Command? Don't make me laugh! Children of Earth was an abject failure - I could barely find Torchwood in that 3rd season. Just a lot of bad political drama - what was left of the Torchwood Team was just a secondary thought. After the senseless death of Ianto Jones on day 4, I stopped watching Children of Earth. Have never watched the 5th day of COE.

Torchwood: Miracle Day, season 4, what can I say? If it had not been for the presence of Captain Jack Harkness ( & that other character), you would have never known it had anything to do with Torchwood. At the last minute, I decided to watch. As I stated on another LJ site, I wanted to see if John Barrowman got the amount of screen time he should, as star of the series (he did not) & to see if it had turned into "Gwenwood" (it did). Miracle Day was utter rubbish. Oh, how I wish I could get those 10 hours back.

I still watch bits of Torchwood episodes, from seasons one & two. But, I feel what could have been a fantastic, long-running series (or for as long as John's youthful good looks held up), was totally destroyed by RTD's single & narrow-minded insistence in trying to force the public to fall in love with the character, Gwen. Sorry for the Gwen lovers out there, but, this is my take on things as I saw them. Naturally, all are free to disagree. That's ok.

I will say that there was one good thing, for me, that came about due to Ianto's death on day 4 of COE. Day 4 was the night I discovered Torchwood Fandom, all by chance (I was looking for anything online from the Uk to tell me if they brought Ianto back to life on day 5. Sadly, they didn't). But, I found Torchwood Fan Fiction, instead. I'd never even heard of Fan Fiction, let alone Torchwood Fan Fiction. And, I have been reading Torchwood stories from that day on, since July of 2009. One might say that I have wasted a lot of time since July 2009. I say, what the heck, I'm retired & have a lot of time to read & enjoy all of those wonderful authors.

Sorry to go off on a tangent & for this long rant - one of my many bad habits. So, again, yes I did see the Torchwood series & loved it, until I didn't love it.

Thanks again for commenting.
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