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I can finally use my Computer, after problems that started last year (viruses, spyware & malware), when I downloaded Windows 10.

Thanks to the wonderful gentleman at Support Hello, who fixed everything, getting rid of a lot of unwanted folders,junk, you name it! I actually started out purchasing "Super PC Cleaner, for $39.90 - kept getting box w/ message, on my start page, about the 607 items that needed to be cleaned up. After talking with the Technician, the Software would not download due to all the viruses, spyware & malware on my PC. Ended up purchasing a one-time, one-year plan for $199.99; original 1 yr amount was $249.00 - but the Lifetime amount he offered me originally at $199.99, plus $7.99 a month for Tech Support, was no longer available, Therefore, I ended up with a bargain price.

Happy Me!

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