Jan. 6th, 2017

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New Year's Day, watched ep. 1 of the season 4 premier.

I must say I've been quite vocal in my dislike in the series focus on Mary Morstan, Watson's assassin wife. And, this episode was more of the same. Almost turned the channel, to re-watch at a later date. But, I stuck with it.

Glad I did, sort of. I kept trying to "tell" Sherlock, do not promise to keep this women safe, out of loyalty to John. She has already tried to kill you, plus you've killed a man to save her, all for John. What in your misguided loyalty made you think you owed her anything?

Keep her safe - are you stupid? She was a professional spy/assassin. She was bound to have several people waiting in line to off her. And, you Sherlock, promised to keep her safe. What were you thinking?

Well, Mary, you did step in front of a bullet meant for Sherlock. Which, I consider poetic justice, of a sort. I know I sound heartless, but, Moffit & Gatis have been messing with my memories of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I was not amused.

Now, we have John Watson taking his anger out on Sherlock. What did you expect? Marrying a spy & an assassin? If anyone was to make such an impossible promise to keel her safe, it should have been John. That may help to explain John's misplaced anger at Sherlock.

Well, at least no more focus on Mary. I hope!
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