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So, Wednesday night was the Season 5 finale.

Too be honest, I have not watched very much of Seasons 4 & 5. Where & when did Oliver get a child? Who is the mother? When did Oliver & Felicity broke up? Questions, Questions, Questions! Truthfully? I'm really not all that interested in the answers.

I only started to watch Arrow because I read where John Barrowman was to play a villain - I only watched for John. And lately, his appearances were few & far between ( I watched CW: Legends of Tomorrow, just to see John ). I loved his Arrow character, the evil villain, Malcolm Merlyn & John's portrayal was perfect.

I hope we get to see Mr. Barrowman in another role soon, hopefully, Torchwood 5 with a return of Captain Jack Harkness, as the main focus. Plus, a return of Ianto ( as Jack's one & only love interest ) - also, bring back Tosh & Owen. As for the boring, uninteresting, lusting after Jack, cheating, boyfriend-abusing, Gwen - that's a character that did not belong in Torchwood - she added nothing to the series.

That's my opinion & I'm sticking to it! Guess I'm showing my utter dislike of the character.
Oh, BTW, I am officially done with Arrow.

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