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And, I really love that outfit!
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Just caught Sam Smith on Saturday Night Live and of course, he was
magnificent. His first song was " Too Good At Goodbyes "; it was great as usual. I previously viewed the official video for this on YouTube. Sam, that getup you were wearing, was from hunger, as we used to say in the old days. Did not like it at all nor that short haircut. But, that's just me. Don't pay me any attention.

The second song, " Pray " - all I could say was, WOW! Apparently, no official video yet. This child can sing. And, that choir of back-up singers, fantastic. Oh, and he changed to a new outfit & it was spot on.

Too Good At Goodbyes & Pray are the only singles released so far from his new album, " The Thrill of It All ". The release date is 11/03/2017; I've already pre-ordered it, the clean version.
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He thinks it's a joke to mock the Hispanic accent? And, that idiot stepford wife, Melania, is laughing. Does she not have an accent? Does he mock her as well?

This man is a disgusting pig. I keep wondering how much lower he can go in his moral, racist depravity. Darn if he does not show me. People keep saying cut Melania some slack. No, I will not. She is just as morally depraved as donald. Maybe some can forget her part, her words, in the blatant racist birtherism against President Barack Obama, but, I can't, I won't. These two despicable beings deserve each other.
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Yes, three years later, I am still listening to this.
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OH ...... MY ...... WORD! Puerto Rico is still being bashed by this cretin in the Oval Office.

I don't need to say anything further, just watch & listen to the video. I'm beyond disgusted. Outraged!
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Strange, I've never owned any CDs of his music, just vinyl LPs. Yes, I'm very old. As some have already mentioned, missed already. Thank You for your great music over the years.
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He had 47 guns? Yes, he had 47 guns total, 3 separate locations. I don't care how much Law Enforcement wants to parse the word, anyone with 47 guns, including high-powered rifles, assault weapons, explosives & several thousand rounds of ammunition, is a terrorist. He terrorized twenty-two thousand people, killing 58 & wounding 489. That's a terrorist, in my book.

And, you have those worthless Republican members of Congress, holding hearings on a bill to make it easier for Americans to to purchase silencers for their weapons of mass destruction. As someone said, if he had been in possesion of a silencer, the concert goers would never have heard those gunshots. And, another bill on the docket, would force states to recognize other states permits allowing residents to carry concealed weapons.

The rest of the civilized world thinks America is out of it's mind. And, they would be right. What a country!


Oct. 3rd, 2017 12:05 am
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I AM JUST SO FED UP, ABOUT EVERYTHING! It's late, guess I'll go to bed early, for once.


Oct. 2nd, 2017 11:55 pm
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McCallum High School Cheerleaders, Austin, Texas.

Naylah Williams, Nishayuna High School

Bravo, young ladies! However, you may no longer be on the Cheerleading Squad after this. Sorry if that happens. And, I know they do give Univ./College Scholarships for Cheerleading. Don't know if that is the case here but, if that is the only path open to you to attend Univ. or College ( I really hope not ), then something is sorely lacking in our educational system. Good luck & best wishes to all of you.


Oct. 2nd, 2017 11:24 pm
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For some insane reason, I keep getting a page showing I have Facebook. I was checking out John Barrowman's Facebook page & my full name popped up at the top, with a chat box for my niece's FB account.

Since an ad kept popping up in my e-mail, one with the name of my niece, trying to get me to sign up for a Facebook account, I was curious. I was told she had family pictures on her account I would be able to see, without having a FB account or being friended by that person. And, yes, she did. So, I clicked on a few of the pictures (on the initial page open to anyone) & transferred them to my Photo Folder. Result - disaster! Now, whenever I click on John or Gareth David-Lloyd's FB accounts ( the only accounts I follow - both open to the public to view ), the Chat box from my Niece's FB account pops up & my name is at the top of what appears to be a FB account. Help!

I don't have a FB account, don't want a FB account, will never have a FB account! Now I have to waste my time trying to get this garbage off my computer. Guess I'll go out on YouTube & look up some of their very helpful tutorials. Bummer!

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Not watching any of the News channels right now. I really need something positive. So, I'm watching The Voice (Positive? Um). Several of the singers are really good, especially, this last singer, Addison. But, because they're good, they won't even make the finals. Shame. I know, I'm being way too cynical.

And, at 12 midnight, I will catch the repeat of the latest Voice UK. Uh Oh, commercial is over, back to The Voice.

UPDATE: 10:00pm:

Last audition on The Voice tonight, Moriah, was brilliant! A 16 year old Rocker, all 4 Coaches turned - she picked Miley Cyrus. Not sure about that pick, Moriah. Wish you well.
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Other than that, I have no thoughts or prayers to offer - they would be meaningless & would offer no succor to the 58 people slaughtered or the 489 injured and their families & friends left behind.

Having a "press conference"???, to conduct an official moment of silence? How utterly ridiculous and tasteless. If the victim's families find comfort in such undertakings, so be it. But, I'm done with these moments of silence - again, my opinion - they do nothing for the victims or their families or the country. So, for me, enough with the moments of silence. Done.

So not the time, maybe, to critique donald trump, but, the words spoken at his news conference rang false to me. Who is the idiot writing his scripted speeches? The words, God Bless America, at the end, I won't offer a comment of my dislike, but, the rest of the religious blather, please leave God out of this. And, at least act as if you have some real empathy & understanding of people's pain; everything uttered had the hollow sound of mere words being recited from a piece of paper. When speaking of the flag being lowered at half staff in honor of the victims, he just had to say " our great flag ". Unnecessary, inappropriate, tone-deaf & lacking in self-awareness and compassion. Also, in the speeches & some reporting, this assassin was called everything, but what he actually is, a terrorist! Why & how is that? Wrong color? Wrong religion? donald, are you afraid to say the word terrorist?

I have no idea what will spur our Legislative Branch of government on Capitol Hill to finally pass a sane gun control law; the murders of 20 innocent children at Sandy Hook didn't do it, the 49 murdered & 58 injured at Orlando didn't do it. And, certainly not the numerous other mass murders in the country. They are in the pockets of NRA lobbyists.

Doesn't mean I have given up. No, at the moment, I'm just so disgusted and outraged.

POST Note: Just so you know, I also cringed every time President Obama said God Bless America at the end of some of his speeches. I personally find it inappropriate. So, sue me!

Also, I'm sorry, but, did it not sound as if donald trump was about to recite the marriage ceremony? Alright, I know, I'm certifiably evil. I need to get off this computer - I'm just not feeling charitable


Oct. 2nd, 2017 09:45 am
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Thank You, Director Brennan.


Sep. 30th, 2017 01:09 pm
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Have to post more uplifting images (such as last post).

President Obama, VP Joe Biden & Jill Biden, meeting up with Prince Harry at the Invictus Games in Canada.

President Obama, VP Biden & Dr. Jill Biden, with Prince Harry at the Invictus Games in Toranto, Canada. They were attending a basketball game between the USA Team & the French Team. Looks like fun. They also visited Team USA.

I really, really miss President Obama & VP Biden. Heavily sighing!

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This morning, just needed to hear an Angelic voice. Sam Smith fit the bill. Also, this is just my personal preference, but, Sam, please grow your hair longer!
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Don't forget Colin Kaepernick. #TakeAKnee

Focus People:

Guys, please try. This is not about linking arms and " standing for the anthem ". It's about kneeling as a form of peaceful protest to shine some light on the fact that People of Color feel as if they are living in a police state, that police departments across this country think it's ok to murder young unarmed African-Americans with inpunity. And, why would they feel otherwise. They have gotten away with it numerous times. It's about an unequal justice system, perpertrated against People of Color ( & I might add, LBGT, Immigrant & Muslin citizens ).

I will say it again: the diminishing of Colin Kaeperick's take a knee stance, message and purpose, is deliberate. And, shame on you NFL football players for losing your resolve & becoming complicit in this attempt to shut him up. I know some of you may be worried about your employment, but have courage. That's easy coming from me, someone with no skin in the game - no pun intended. However, collectively, you have more power then you realize.

So, please remember the reason behind the action: #takeAknee.

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Trevor Noah - Video mentioned in an earlier posting.

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Pictures of Prince Harry & an adorable toddler at the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada. She is stealing his Popcorn. Sweet.

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Sports Illustrated, you are a piece of work! There is a reason, after 40 years, I'm no longer your subscriber. Glad of it. I'm in agreement with Steph Curry, this cover is so wrong. Where is Colin Kaepernick? Why is he not front & center on this cover? Starting the parade without him, hoping no one notices? Oh, I read your little lame excuse - I'm not buying it.

When will "other people" get the message and learn you don't get to define what African-Americans are aggrieved about? Why do you keep trying to decide what our outrage should be? And, where, when & how we should peacefully protest. Trevor Noah addressed this on the Daily Show

(See later posting for actual video from Daily Show)

As quite a number of people have stated, the original message is getting lost & being diluted (deliberately so, I believe ) with all this talk of disrespecting the military & the flag. As for the SI cover, this is not about linking arms in some deluded show of solidarity, to show we're all together. Well, we most certainly are not all together. Taking A Knee is about the murders of young unarmed black men by policemen across this country. No one is held accountable. Did I say young men? Tamar Rice was only 12 years old, quietly playing in a park, all alone with his toy gun. He was a child & he will forever remain so. Some irresponsible, derelict, quite possibly racist police officer made that decision. It happens time & time again. Sports Illustrated, you needed to have Colin Kaepernick on that cover.

So, to all you racists & white people with privilege, not your call.

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I feel oh so vindicated.

Cancelled my 40 + year subscription in September of 2016. Oh, I had at first renewed it in August, but, came to my senses. Why was I going to pay $216.72 for a 3-year subscription, when I no longer cared about the magazine or its content, was continually ticked off at them & had not even read one issue of the 2016 magazines. They were just neatly stacked on the shelf under the coffee table. When I received the renewal bill, I wrote "cancel immediately" across the face of the bill, dated & signed my name, returned it to them. I took all of the saved magazines down to the dumpster. I found a number of things upon which to spend my $216.72.

Naturally, in April 2017, I got a letter from a collection agency (probably SI own collector - they try to intimidate you - did'nt work). I wrote them back, explained I had cancelled back in Sept. 2016, which was well within my right to do so, at any time, of my choosing. And, if they thought I was going to pay for merchandise never received, they were seriously mistaken. I referred them back to Sports Illustrated. Suggested they not contact me again. Have not heard from them since.

Note To Myself: Maybe I should check my Credit Report status, just to see if they have it listed as a debt. It better not be listed. I have no debts.
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