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Gareth David-Lloyd. 36 years old today.

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I continue to be stunned at the level of evil in humans.

Words, expressions of sorrow just seem so meaningless. I can't think of anything that would even begin to explain the horror for all who have lost their lives and the ones injured.

When does this become too much for all of us? I'm just sick.
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Chuck Berry, 1926 - 2017

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President Barack H. Obama.

Yes, he is part Irish, on his mother's side of the family.

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Happy Birthday, John. Fifty (50) years young. Looking good! A few of my favorite images of John:

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I started dying my hair a dark auburn, long before I got my first gray hair at age 29. I stopped dying it at age 62.

I would like to say that was due to the fact I finally saw the light & acquired common sense. At las, not so.

Hair actually started to fall out due to a new prescription for my high cholesterol. Was warned by my doctor that I should stop dying my hair. Then I developed Allergic Atopic Dermatitis - Eczema, to be exact. So, I stopped all hair dying in July 2007. Wore it in its natural kinky state, pulled back in a short ponytail. I was always amazed at the number of young people stopping me on the street to say how much they loved my almost completely gray hair, men & women. One young women even stopped me in the middle of an intersection, telling me " don't you dare dye your hair!"

Well, to make a long story short, due to my ongoing Eczema, all my hair fell out between January 6 & May 7, 2016. My Dermatologist could not guarantee it would ever grow back. To say I was depressed, is putting it mildly. But, I got over it & started wearing decorative scarves.

Well, my hair has started to grow back although, on some areas of my scalp, appears hair definitely will not grow. And, I'm ok with that, so far. Plus, I really love my gray hair - it suits me.
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John Barrowman's naturally white hair - see photo below - made me think of how I finally came to terms with my gray hair.

Although, I still contend John's hair is too, too short. I think I will be O K with his natural color, as long as he grows it out to a longer length. Oh, what the heck, it's his hair - do what makes you happy. I must say though, that white hair brings out the gorgeous blue of his eyes. And, how the heck does he keep looking younger? He will be 50 & Scott is going to be 54 - it is just not fair to the rest of us mere mortals!

BTW: I now have this photo as my iPhone home screen wallpaper. It is growing on
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LOL! No, John, no.

This is a picture that John Barrowman posted on his Twitter account. His 50th birthday is March 11th & he shaved off his hair to show everyone what his hair looks like when not dyed.

Strange enough, he actually looks younger! However, to be honest, I do not like the short, burr look on him. Especially, the white hair.

I've always loved John's hair a bit on the longer side (episode, Countrycide, for example). And, if he ever wants to reprise his role as the Immortal, Extremely Slow-Aging Captain Jack Harkness, this look will simply not cut it. So, back to black or dark brown. Hurry!

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"When you break up with America and start dating freedom".

Yes, this is what Freedom looked like. Remember it and cherish it!
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Federal Tax return received this morning ( only took 13 days ).

More money to waste. Well, I did buy a couple of practical items - a step-ladder, a trash can for the kitchen & a new Mikaska Vase (my fav vase I had for 10 years, I broke).

Still need to purchase curtain rods & drapes for the living room. Will check to see if Pottery Barn is having a sale.


Feb. 17th, 2017 02:03 pm
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Surprise, surprise - my State Tax Refund was just deposited into my checking account, this morning.

Filed with TurboTax on 2/10/17 - it only took 7 days for my refund. Happy!

Now I need to use some of that money to buy double curtain rods for the 3 living room windows & drapes for both the living & bedroom windows. I already have double curtain rods for the 2 bedroom windows. However, they have been under the bed, still in the boxes, for ten (10) years! Yes, I said 10 years. Pathetic!

Also, need to buy a step-ladder in order to hang the drapes. That was one of my lame excuses for the last 10 years, as to why no curtains - no step-ladder.
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To take down my Christmas Tree, that is.

The fact that it is not a live tree has made me somewhat lazy. No dead brown falling pine needles, no tree sap & no water in the tree stand. Yes, I may just keep this tree up until March.

However, w/ the exception of 2 of the 8 wrapped packages, 6 of them actually have presents in them. Such as Boots, Hats, gloves & scarves, a handbag, video glasses, etc.

So, if it does actually snow, I will need those boots, gloves-scarves-hats. Oh well.


Feb. 10th, 2017 02:27 pm
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 Finally, my tax returns for 2016 are done.  

I normally file my Federal return using TurboTax; I file my state return using the State of De e-file  website.  Since my desktop  computer is out of commission,  had to use my iPhone6. Worked out better than I thought.  Although I got stuck after completing my Federal return. &. could not find the  the function to check "no" to filing my State return.

You may ask what 's the big deal - why not file both returns via TurboTax?  The big deal is that it only takes three (3) business days for my tax refund to be processed & deposited in my checking account by the State of Delaware.  And, my larger refund amount comes from my state taxes. That's why!   Filing both tax returns through TurboTax means I have a wait of 12 - 14 days, before receiving my refunds.

I guess I really should not complain.  Even waiting just 12 - 14 days is still fairly quick for a tax refund. Plus, I do not itemize (not even charitable giving). So,  I'll just shut up & wait.

Now off to make dinner - spaghetti w/ tomato sauce  w/ Italian sausage, hot buttered rolls & yellow cake  w/ milk chocolate frosting for dessert.  Really should not be eating any of this - I have 9 lbs. to lose by the end of this month, just to get back on track!

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 Now that vile creature in the White House  has ticked off Australia. Bad enough insulting our close friend & ally but, an entire Continent!

When was the last time an American president insulted an entire Continent?



Jan. 17th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Well, back on 2 a day Slimfast protein drink meal substitute. Just came from my primary care physician's visit - I've gained 7 pounds since Dec. 20th.

Now, I really am going to use the fitness center in my building. Giving myself into Feb. 15th to lose the extra weight.

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I keep hanging onto the little things to cheer me up & keep me from thinking about this fiasco of an election.

Like the Chicago Cubs winning MLB World Series & getting a twitter invitation from President Obama, to come see him at the White House before he leaves office.

Tradition dictates that the winner of baseball's World Series in the fall, visits the White House the following spring in April, the entire team & owners, just before the start of the new baseball season (that pertains to all championship winners - both professional & college).

Well, lo & behold, in a break with tradition, the Chicago Cubs are not waiting until April 2017, they will be at the White House on Monday, January 16, 2017. I'm sure the fact that President Obama lives in Chicago may have something to do with it & the fact that he is a very popular President.

Whatever, this bit of news makes me so happy (does not take much, these days!).

I can only hope for a miracle within the next 7 days. Told you I was still in denial!
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New Year's Day, watched ep. 1 of the season 4 premier.

I must say I've been quite vocal in my dislike in the series focus on Mary Morstan, Watson's assassin wife. And, this episode was more of the same. Almost turned the channel, to re-watch at a later date. But, I stuck with it.

Glad I did, sort of. I kept trying to "tell" Sherlock, do not promise to keep this women safe, out of loyalty to John. She has already tried to kill you, plus you've killed a man to save her, all for John. What in your misguided loyalty made you think you owed her anything?

Keep her safe - are you stupid? She was a professional spy/assassin. She was bound to have several people waiting in line to off her. And, you Sherlock, promised to keep her safe. What were you thinking?

Well, Mary, you did step in front of a bullet meant for Sherlock. Which, I consider poetic justice, of a sort. I know I sound heartless, but, Moffit & Gatis have been messing with my memories of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I was not amused.

Now, we have John Watson taking his anger out on Sherlock. What did you expect? Marrying a spy & an assassin? If anyone was to make such an impossible promise to keel her safe, it should have been John. That may help to explain John's misplaced anger at Sherlock.

Well, at least no more focus on Mary. I hope!
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Still finding it difficult to deal with the death of George Michael. Hearing that news was extremely hard.

I went from listening all day yesterday to Christmas music, to endless George Michael songs today. I cannot express in words, how profoundly sad his death feels. I am going to miss this man so much. A simply superb artist.

Best singer on this planet. I always thought of him as a somewhat tortured human being. Always felt the rest of us did not deserve this man.

Rest In Peace, finally, dear George.
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Well, I did get my artificial pre-lit tree up, around 10:30 pm Christmas Eve. And, having to put on white cotton gloves (which they supplied) & long sleeves to cover my arms, was little different then putting up a live tree.

The tree is only 5 ft. tall, so, it was not to difficult to put together. The hardest part was getting it out of the packing box & cutting away all the stuff they used to secure it. All in all, I may try it again next year, but, get a 7.ft. tree next time.


Dec. 18th, 2016 12:58 pm
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Thanks, Michelle, you hit the nail on the head. There are millions of Americans feeling hopeless. And, they have reason to. Each day watching the administration Trump is assembling, is truly mind-boggling.

I keep hoping, in my own fantasy world of denial, that someone, somewhere will come forward with an even more egregious & vile video of his further criminal activity. As if what he has already said & done isn't vile enough.

Well America, it looks like there wii be no reprieve handed to us from the Electoral College electors. We did this to ourselves (even though Hillary Clinton has won the the Popular Vote by over 2.5 million votes).

Rest of the world, I implore you, do not try to figure us out - you will go crazy!
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