Jul. 25th, 2017

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Wishing John Barrowman a very speedy & uneventful recovery from his Appendectomy - surgery early this morning (Tuesday).

His lovely Mum & Dad were there, along with sister, Carole. People commented that the drugs the hospital gave him were causing him to speak in his native Scottish accent, going in & out - sometimes Scottish, sometimes American. Not so, according to something John mentioned years ago. And, that is when he is around his family, when they're all together, they automatically revert to their Scottish accents, without even thinking about it. So, people, it is not the drugs. Or, did you miss that Mum, Dad & Carole were all speaking with Scottish accents, as well!

Back to my original question - where is Scott? John mentioned his two friends were out buying him a cable. But, no mention of Scott in any of the video Facebook posts he did. I really & truly hope everything is ok with them. I like them together, cute couple. Maybe, he's in the UK.

None of my business - just curious

POST NOTE: All is well, husband Scott is flying back from the UK tomorrow & John will be going home to recover from surgery. That's great to hear.
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