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Watched two back to back hours of Sing Your Face Off - new summer show on ABC, Saturdays, 9pm. Premise - five celebrities (& I use that term lightly) are made up to look like a well known musical artist & they have to take on that artist's persona & they have to sing that artists' songs.

The five impersonators were Jon Lovitz, former Saturday Night Live member & actor - he's been in some 40 movies - so they say - I've never seen any of them; Lisa Rinna, I think has been on Soap Operas, but, is more famous or infamous, for the botched botox job she had done on her lips to make them bigger - she actually had to have corrective surgery (I don't think it worked! I know, catty, sorry, NOT); China McClain, a 14 year old Disney actress - never heard of her; Landry Fields, NBA player with the Toronto Raptors Basketball - I do know of him, I'm a basketball fan - not as rabid a fan as I used to be: & Sebastian Bach, lead singer with the heavy metal band, Skid Row - pretty decent singer.

They were not all bad - China was very good as Rhianna & Landry was good & funny as the rapper, Pitbull. All in all, not a bad way to use up 2 hours on a dead Saturday night; I rarely look at anything on Saturday afternoon & evening, except for The Graham Norton Show - which I missed & will now have to catch at 1:15 am or catch a repeat On Demand on Sunday.

So, I will continue to watch - hope they don't get really bad enough to make me cringe in embarrassment for them. The one reason to continue to watch, for me, is the delectable John Barrowman. The man is absolutely gorgeous! He is excellent as a host - charming, witty, sets the right tone - just perfect. One of the 3 judges on the 2nd hour was Rupaul; not really into men in drag, but, I love Rupaul - he is fabulous & no, he was not in drag. One of the artists' that Sebastian Bach portrayed, was Lady GaGa. He walked & looked like a bowlegged man, in bad drag. Rupaul told him he had to get his "sissy on". Sebastian challenged Rupaul to come show him how to walk the runway. And, did he ever! Most of the models on the runway need to take lessons from Rupaul. Then, John Barrowman did the model walk on the runway - I nearly fell off the sofa. He was fantastic! And, to see a 6 ft. 8" basketball player Landry Fields, dressed as the rapper Pitbull, also do the runway walk was hilarious. He was good, by the way. A fun 2 hours. I know, I need to get a life.

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I, too, watched just to see the gorgeous John Barrowman, and I will continue to watch just to see John.

Date: 2014-06-02 07:02 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
OMG! Did not think anyone would ever see this blog.

I use this as way to just ramble, rant, let off steam & keep from throwing objects at my PC or TV screen. And, I really do like looking at John Barrowman.

Thanks for commenting.
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